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“Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.” Jeremiah 33:3
One of my favorite stories…
George Carver Washington, a renowned botanist started his mornings with prayer and Bible reading. He took this verse very seriously. One day he asked the Lord to reveal to him the secrets of the universe. The Lord said he couldn’t handle knowing all of those secrets. George then asked him, “Tell me the secrets of the peanut.” Over the course of the next several years God revealed to him the secrets of the peanut, over 300 uses. When he asked the same thing of the sweet potato, God revealed to him over a 115 uses for it.
Do you have the courage to do what George Carver Washington did?  Do you have the courage to ask God for some of His secrets?
When George did this, it revolutionized his life.  He went from being the son of a slave to a great American scientist.  He served on the faculty of Tuskegee University teaching sustainable farming.  World Leaders Mahatma Gandhi and Joseph Stalin sought his advice.  Thomas Edison told him “Together, we can remake the world.” Henry Ford, as well as Edison offered him state of the art facilities and resources to do his work.
He preferred is laboratory which he called “God’s little workshop.”
He was bold and courageous and he sought God’s secrets.  God answered and as a result, George changed the world and left a heck of a legacy.
What about you?  What secrets do you want God to share with you?  What are your motives?
George’s motives were to grow more intimate with his Creator and to help his fellow man and his nation.
As I prayed over this verse this morning, I wanted to know only one thing.  I wanted to know that a friend of mine that is going through a very difficult time would be ok.  That’s all I wanted God to tell me this morning.
He hasn’t told me what the future holds for her.  He has given me peace that He loves her more than I ever could. He told me He’s got this.
He answered my prayer.
That’s enough for me to know today.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll ask Him to tell me something else.
What do you want to know today?  He’s waiting to answer.

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