Fulfills Desires

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Fulfills Desires

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

When we delight in the Lord, we align our hearts to His. Instead of submitting to our flesh, we submit to God’s will. A divorced friend of mine struggles with the “blessings” her ex-husband has. From outward appearances, his life overflows with material things while she struggles to live within her means. Living separate from God, her ex’s wicked ways can easily cause an adverse reaction and jealousy. My friend chooses to give her life to Jesus; the more she submits, the more peace she finds, letting go of the bitterness and anger and instead delighting in the Lord.

During my single years, I had the same type of dilemma. Watching my married friends, I felt envious. Some of my well-meaning friends would give me this verse and assure me God would fulfill the desires of my heart. Once I submitted my will to the Lord, trusting Him whether He gave me a husband or not, He fulfilled the desires of my heart; He gave me peace that surpasses all understanding. Eventually, I did get married, but years passed before the Lord brought me my mate. God wanted me to find satisfaction in Him first, and I did.

We have a choice in responding to challenging situations; instead of wallowing in self-pity and envy, we can submit to the Lord and trust Him to resolve the problem. The Lord does fulfill the desires of our hearts when we align our hearts with His, finding contentment in the gifts He gives us.


God fulfills the desires of our hearts when we delight in Him.


Lord, thank You for fulfilling our hearts’ desires and helping us find satisfaction in You, content with the blessings You give us. When our hearts become bitter and envious, help us focus on the gifts we have instead of focusing on the things we don’t. Let us live in Your peace that surpasses all understanding. IJNIP. Amen

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