Increased Strength

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Increased Strength

He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might, he increases strength.

Isaiah 40:29

In exile in Mesopotamia, the Jewish people grew weary. Thinking God forgetful and tired, they thought of Him as human, not understanding why they suffered. Isaiah’s words encourage them that the Lord hasn’t forgotten anything. Strong and in command, God gives power to the faint and helps them find the strength to persevere. When we turn to the Almighty, submitting our lives and circumstances, He guides us on the journey and sustains us to make it.

Sometimes, we don’t receive answers from God, which has more to do with us than Him. At lunch with a dear friend, she talked about people complaining to her because of the situations in their lives. They wondered why the Lord didn’t do something about it.

“Because they aren’t living under His covering,” is what I tell them.”

My friend accurately summed up a crucial aspect of faith. People don’t want to obey God or live according to His word but expect Him to do whatever they want. We don’t serve a magic genie in the sky, only calling on him when we need a wish granted. We serve a mighty God, Creator of the Universe, who expects us to include Him in our lives, not view Him as a vending machine for our desires. Maybe the reason life’s challenging us has more to do with our actions than God’s will.

To live under the Lord’s covering and receive His blessing, we must seek, follow, and obey Him.  Then He will give power to the faint and increase our strength.


God increases the strength of His children.


Lord, thank You for giving power to the faint and increasing our strength when we submit our lives to You.  When we wander from the straight and narrow, draw us back with loving arms. Don’t let us forget You as we face the day’s challenges. Give us the tools we need to honor and serve You well.


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