Freely Given

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Freely Given

Transgression means an act of rebellion or disloyalty. Often done intentionally, our sin goes against what we know the Lord wants. Like kids who rebel against their parents’ rules, sneaking out after curfew, or willfully disobeying, they do so intentionally. When I snuck out my bedroom window in high school and went skinny dipping with friends, I knew my actions rebelled against my folks, but I did it anyway.

Years later, when I confessed my transgressions to my mom, she sighed and thanked God for protecting me. Like I received my mom’s forgiveness, the Lord forgives us when we confess our sins. The moment we humble ourselves before our maker, He gives us grace. And as we grow closer to Him, we want to rebel less.

As an adult, I regret that I went against my parents’ wishes. Recognizing their love and devotion to me, I’m sorry I took advantage of them. In the same way, understanding Jesus gave His life for my sins humbles me; my heart is contrite that He had to die for my misdeeds. God forgives us completely, covers our sins, and gives us new life. We honor Him with our actions when we strive to obey and become more like Jesus.


Lord, we humbly come before You, realizing we don’t deserve Your grace and mercy. Thank You for freely giving what we can’t earn. As You renew our hearts, help us honor and serve You well, obeying Your command to love. Let us become known for our love of You and others. Help us become more like Jesus with each day that passes. IJNIP. Amen

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