Give God Time

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“To keep a Sabbath is to give time and space on our calendar to the grace of God.”

Arriving at another Sabbath day during this Lenten season, try to do no work today. Instead, go for a long walk, weather permitting, and think about the muscles in your legs carrying you on your journey. Praise God for your health and the ability to move. Ground yourself in the present moment by paying attention to your breath, inhaling life, and letting go of stress.

Give God today; allow Him time and space to work within you. Take a few moments to read the Bible and meditate on a scripture that speaks to you. Ask the Lord to give you eyes to see and ears to hear what He wants you to know. Close your eyes and rest in the Lord, allowing Him to fight your battles as you take refuge in Him.

Find joy as you give time and space to your Savior, allowing Him to re-energize your soul.

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