Set Apart

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“While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”

Acts 13:2

Set apart.

Luke, the author of Acts, describes how the Holy Spirit directs Saul and Barnabas’s ministry. Worshipping God in Antioch, fasting, and praying, a divine revelation gave the apostles a new mission. Luke doesn’t tell us the details of the special ministry, but the missionaries’ actions afterward show us they spread the good news to the Gentiles. The congregation joined together, laying hands on the two men and sending them on their way. The author remains adamant the Holy Spirit sent Barnabas and Saul on their way, no one else.

Seeking God through fasting and prayer does reveal things. As we set aside things of this world and focus on the Creator, we become more tuned into the Holy Spirit, able to hear the still, small voice and find direction. If we don’t quiet our souls and tune out worldly distractions, we can’t see the guidance God has to offer.

Fasting allows us to tune out the world. When we receive a strong Wi-Fi connection on our phone, songs flow effortlessly from the speakers, easy to hear and understand. However, when the signal weakens, the music stops flowing as our phone searches for a signal, trying to re-establish a connection. Fasting and praying strengthen the Wi-Fi connection between us and God, making it easier to hear and discern the Holy Spirit’s promptings.

If you don’t know what to do, fasting and praying will help you find direction. Dead ends create opportunities for miracles. In our limited vision, we see limited options. But the Lord always has a plan and a way out.

Tune into God and let Him show you the way out. Ask the Lord to open doors for You, closing the ones He doesn’t want you to go through. As you fast and pray, ask Jesus to show you the next step, then the next one, and the next one.

We don’t need to know the entire journey; we only need to know the next step we should take. Seeking the Lord through fasting and prayer will help us take the right steps at the right time. Our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s promptings will heighten as we dial into God and let go of worldly distractions.

Journal Questions:

  • How can I apply today’s devotion to my life?
  • What area of your life do you need direction in today?
  • How do fasting and praying help you tune into the Holy Spirit?


Lord, thank You for giving us direction through the Holy Spirit. As we fast and pray, let us tune into Your promptings. Strengthen our connection with You as we tune out worldly distractions and focus on You.  Help us continue to become more like Christ as we practice Your word and obediently follow You.  IJNIP. Amen

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