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Search me, God, and know my heart; Test me and know my anxious thoughts.

Psalm 139:23

Search Me.

Asking God to discern our motives will reveal hard truths.  Taking intentions into consideration changes perspective.  Considering verses 21-22, which talk about hating God’s opponents and counting them as enemies, we can easily have wrong motives.  Hatred has a way of taking control of one’s heart, making it bitter.  Once a bitter root starts growing, like weeds in a garden, it can quickly take over.

My latest church hurt happened last summer.   Involved in a women’s group, it became a mom’s group when a new leader took over.  Since I’m not a mom, she kicked me out of the group, a very painful experience.  Ever since the unexpected phone call, I’ve battled bitterness over the situation and negative thoughts towards the leader.  Asking God to search my heart helps me identify the bitter roots and ask Him to remove them. 

Transformation begins to take place as I allow the Lord into my pain.  Immediately, He reminds me of my sinful ways, which humbles me.  My heart begins to soften as I remember we all fall short of the mark.  Instead of dwelling on the offense, I choose to let it go, time and again.  Just like the Lord let my sins go when He forgave me, separating them as far as the “east is from the west (Psalm 130:12).”

“The Center for Bible Engagement surveyed over 400,000 people around the world… If you are not reading your Bible four times a week, then your life is statistically the same as that of a non-believer! Your life will not change in any significant way than that of one who never reads His Word! This survey also discovered if you are in God’s Word four times a week, you are 30% less likely to be lonely, 59% less likely to view pornography, 228% more likely to share your faith, and 407% more likely to memorize Scripture!” Claire Scott, Learning2Listen[i]

To have the Lord search our hearts, we must engage with Him.  Reading scripture connects us to God and invites Him into our lives.  As we read the Bible, it reads us.  Each day, I open the sacred scrolls now digitized on my phone; I discover something about myself, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always something.  No better self-help book exists than the Bible.  We grow when God’s light illuminates our hearts, reveals our shortcomings, and helps us make better choices.  The Lord heals our hurts, restores our peace, and helps us become better instead of bitter.

Ask God to search your heart.  Don’t let fear stop you from discovering what the Lord has for you.  Gently, with unconditional love, God corrects us, helping us grow.  All jewels go through a refinement process to become invaluable gems.  To become the masterpieces God intends, we must let the Lord search our hearts and purify us.  We can’t become better without God’s help.  In all things, He works for the good of those who believe and trust in Him.

Believe, trust, become.


Gentle correction.

When I ask God to search my heart, He does so with love and tenderness, correcting with care.  Reading scripture helps me connect with the Lord.  Each morning, when I open my Bible, I do so with an expectant heart, knowing God has something for me.  Sometimes, I get convicted over my thoughts or actions; other times, I feel a nudge to do something for someone.

Recently, Ron and I went to the bank to take care of business. After waiting 20 minutes without acknowledgment, trying to contain my annoyance, I sought help.  Asking God into the situation and my heart kept me from overreacting and causing a scene, something the old Beth would do.  Through the Lord’s teaching, I’m learning to wait better, accept His timing, and understand that life doesn’t revolve around me.   When I ask the Lord to search my heart and test my anxious thoughts, He does so with love and kindness, helping me become better, not bitter.

God loves us and wants the best for us.  Allowing Him to search our hearts helps us receive the Lord’s blessings as we align ourselves with Him.

Journaling Questions:

  1. What scares you about asking God to search your heart?
  2. How has God searched your heart in the past?
  3. What does God reveal to you when He searches your heart?


Lord, forgive us for not letting You into all the crevices of our hearts.  Search us and know, test our anxious thoughts, and help us overcome the world’s lies.  Lead us on the path of righteousness as we allow You to refine us.  Let us keep becoming more like Christ every day. IJNIP. Amen


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