Bright Light

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If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,”

Psalm 139:11

Bright light.

Hosek, the Hebrew word for darkness in today’s verse, means “darkness, dark; blackness, gloom, often darkness has the associative meanings of gloom, despair, terror, ignorance, or hard to understand,”[i]The Psalmist assumes darkness will hide him, and God’s light will disappear.  But nothing hides us from the Lord, not even the depths of despair.  Just because we feel alone doesn’t mean God’s not present.

After my half-sister passed away from cancer, I slipped into a depression.  Diagnosed with a variance of ovarian cancer, she suffered the same illness her mother did.  The day after Christmas in 2000, she had surgery, which revealed the extent of the abnormal cells in her body.  For a year and a half, she battled bravely until the end.

“It’s beautiful,” she said before she slipped into the Savior’s arms.  Her faith never wavered, accepting God’s will for her life.  A kind soul, she loved loyally and quietly, trusting the Lord and living for Him.  Losing her from this world caused a crisis of faith for me and a stark realization that no one lives forever.  A constant presence in the first thirty-two years of my life, I never thought she would die.

Depression overcame me; tears came to my eyes with little effort.  I found it challenging to engage in life, wanting to stay curled up in a ball on the couch, hidden from the world.  Gloom and despair enfolded me in their darkness.  I even started smoking cigarettes again, looking for comfort in them.  But the Lord’s light invaded my darkness and helped me find life again.

Lorna passed away on Aug. 18th, 2001.  Less than a month later, terrorists flew planes into the twin towers, crippling our nation in fear as life as we knew it ended.  People turned to God in their pain, and churches overflowed in the months after the event.  For the first time, I found a reason to praise God.

“Lord, thank You. Lorn didn’t have to live through this,” I thought.  Knowing my sister’s deep love for her country and sensitive heart towards others, I found comfort in knowing she didn’t have to endure the tragedy.

As the days marched onward, I sought God more and more.  My faith deepened as I trusted Him.  Light started to pierce the darkness around me as I gave my life to Him.  Even though the happenings in the world didn’t make sense, I placed my belief in the Creator’s promises, relying on Him to carry me and the country forward.  And the Lord did.

God’s bright light illuminated the darkness of those days.  As people sought Him, the Lord responded.  Stories of hope began to emerge from the dusty holes, and the discovery of the Ground Zero Cross,[ii] formed from steel beams found in the debris, encouraged a nation and continues to stand erect at the September 11 Museum.[iii]  Hope blossomed in our hearts as God’s light penetrated the darkness.

Darkness fades in the presence of the Lord.  If you seek His light, you will find it.


God brings light.

In the dark days after my sister’s death, God’s light pierced the darkness.  Through fellow believers, I began to discover hope amid tragedy and loss.  Trusting the Creator’s sovereignty helped me move forward from the heartache.  Allowing God’s comfort to penetrate my aching heart brought healing.  Discovering the Lord’s light gave me new life, let hope blossom, and helped me persevere.

Light dispels darkness.

Journaling Questions:

  1. What darkness do you feel in your life?
  2. How can seeking God help you discover His light?
  3. What area do you need God’s light to penetrate?


Lord, help us find our way out of the darkness to You.  Please let Your brilliant light shine continuously in our lives.  As we encounter pain in our lives, help us keep breathing, seeking You for answers, and not relying on feelings but trusting in You.  Give us Your yoke as we submit our lives to Your sovereignty, allowing You to lead us on the path of righteousness.  Let our hearts heal from the pain as we give it to You. IJNIP. Amen




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