Undeserved Curse

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Daily Reading: Jeremiah 39:1-41:18, 2 Timothy 1:1-18, Psalm 90:1-91:16, Proverbs 26:1-2

Daily Verse: “Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, a curse that is causeless does not alight.” Prov. 26:2

Undeserved curse.

Sparrows flit from place to place, never staying in one location long, flying around exploring the world. Undeserved curses do the same thing: never landing, flying away, not causing harm.

One of my favorite proverbs; I think of it often when people say untrue things about me. People make up narratives when they don’t know the whole story, filling in the gaps with what seems logical.

People made up stories when I moved to Virginia for a second start in life after flunking out of college in Pennsylvania. Co-workers at the restaurant where I waited tables to earn tuition for school declared me pregnant. I learned about the rumor after months passed with no sign of a growing stomach. Like a sparrow flitting about the world, the curse did not land on my head, truth prevailing.

Sometimes, the truth takes longer than others to come out, but it always does. Undeserved curses don’t stand the test of time and never take root. Trust in God’s truth to always reveal itself.

Lord, forgive us for believing rumors. Please help us speak only the truth, and remember, lies told against us won’t last. Remind us of the flitting sparrow when undeserved curses haunt us. Let us always seek Your truth. IJNIP. Amen

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