Patient Speech

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Daily Reading: Jeremiah 23:21-25:38, 2 Thess. 2:1-17, Psalm 84:1-12, Proverbs 25:15

Daily Verse: “With patience, a ruler may be persuaded; a soft tongue will break a bone.” Prov. 25:15

Patient speech.

As a sales manager, I learned a trick when dealing with unhappy customers: lower your voice. Speaking softly forced the argumentative person to stop yelling and listen. We dealt with many grumpy people in the stores where I worked. Wanting something for nothing, they always found something to complain about. But by lowering my voice and not engaging in the yelling, I could calm the situation and resolve it.

Using patient speech works. Teaching children, when they become upset, pulling them aside, and talking to them softly helps calm them down. One kid who places unreasonable expectations on himself comes to mind and gets upset quickly. Encouraging him with soft words helps him lose the high standards and rejoice in the progress he makes.

Use situational conflict to help practice patient speech. Lower your voice, repeat the complaint to the person, and then work to find a resolution using calm words. You will find patient speech reduces stiff opposition and finds peace.

Lord, forgive us for flying off the handle and engaging in unproductive speech. Please give us the self-control necessary to control our language, lower our voices, and resolve the problem. Let our words bring life to all who hear them. IJNIP. Amen

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