Unmerciful People

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Unmerciful people.

Working in New York City, walking down the street to our corporate office, I would pass several homeless people daily. Blending into the sides of buildings and entranceways, commuters walked by the needy people without noticing, which amazed me. The city dwellers became so used to the sight that they no longer saw it.

But as a country girl, I noticed, not used to seeing people whose entire world filled a shopping cart and began giving them food whenever possible. When I asked a co-worker why they didn’t move to warmer climates, he explained that many had mental illnesses and didn’t want to leave the place they knew as home.

Unfortunately, today, some people pose as homeless people, begging for money as their job, driving nicer cars than the people donating to them. I’ve found supporting reputable organizations that care for the homeless the best way to help the needy. By doing so, people experiencing poverty get the proper help.

Don’t become blind to those in need around you. Find ways to help people less fortunate, serving God’s children one act of kindness at a time.

Lord, forgive us for not noticing those in need around us. Thank You for the blessings in our lives. Give us generous hearts to share with those around us. As You bless us, let it flow freely to others. In all things, You receive the glory. IJNIP. Amen

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