Discernment Brings Favor

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Daily Reading: Joshua 21:1-22:20l, Luke 20:1-26, Psalm 89:1-13, Proverbs 13:15-16

Daily Verse: “Good sense wins favor, but the way of the treacherous is their ruin.” Prov. 13:15

Discernment brings favor.

Sekel, the Hebrew word for sense in today’s verse, means understanding, wisdom, and discretion.  Discernment means the ability to judge well.  Using good sense helps us summarize a situation or person and reach a realistic conclusion, which then helps us know what to do.

Discerning well requires time.  Not judging the surface immediately allows us to wait for what lies beneath. Seeing the tip of an iceberg doesn’t show the massive layer hiding below the water.

Jumping to conclusions leads to ruin.  Only God knows everything; we have a limited perspective.  Good sense means knowing we don’t know and waiting for the truth to reveal itself, which favors us.

Take time to investigate all sides of a situation.  Stories have three sides: theirs, ours, and the truth.  Patience helps us arrive at the correct decision.  But when we rush to a conclusion, we’ll find ourselves in the company of fools.

Good sense leads to favor; without it, we find ourselves in trouble.

Lord, forgive us for jumping to conclusions.  Please bless us with Your wisdom and discernment as we face the day ahead.  Help us seek truth always, knowing appearance only tells part of the story.  In all things, let us Honor and glorify You.  IJNIP. Amen

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