How God’s Plan Will Make You Appreciate People

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Daily Reading: Isaiah 45-48 GW; Revelation 16 GW

God created community.

When our Creator set the earth on its axis, He fully intended to fill the planet with people.  The kaleidoscope of humanity, a miracle to behold.  Different races, skin color, languages, cultures, all part of God’s original plan.  Everything done with intentionality.

Talking with a friend about her past, she wondered why God allowed her ex-husband to cheat on her.  Or why did God allow 911 to happen, killing thousands of people.  My response, God didn’t make those choices, the people involved decided to do those things.  God gave us free will, we have options, either follow Jesus or not.  When humans pick themselves over Jesus, their deeds reflect the decision.

“But my heart always ached for those who don’t know Jesus, their actions being a reflection of that,” Shelby Houston, speaking at her father’s funeral.

Choose the Creator.

Shelby Houston’s father, Richard, died in the line of duty while responding to a domestic abuse call. She is only 18 years old; Shelby’s heart aches for the killer because his actions indicate he didn’t know Jesus.  God intended to inhabit the earth with people, and His ultimate plan, for them to choose Him.  Love can’t exist without choice.

God loves everyone, Jesus’ actions on the cross demonstrate His affection for us.  But we must choose Him.  Love only works when given freely, no one can force someone to love them.  When I was in highschool with a crush on the star baseball player, I couldn’t force him to return my affections.  Life doesn’t work like that and neither does God.

Choosing Jesus means accepting the love God gives.  Realizing, God wants a relationship with you so badly; He created a way for eternal bonding.  But you have to make the decision; our Maker doesn’t force himself on anyone.  Appreciating the people who made a choice first helps you make the same decision.

Richard Houston chose Jesus first; as a result, his daughter did as well.  Appreciate the people in your life that guide you on the right paths.  God created us all in love.  His hope, you will choose Jesus.


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Lord, thank You for those who’ve gone before us.  Forgive us for not choosing You always.  Help us today to follow You.  Give us strength and courage to face the day ahead, knowing You are in charge; Your plan, always the best one.  All glory belongs to You.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Who are you choosing today?

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