How Tough Times in Life Will Make You Seek God

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Daily Reading: Isaiah 10-13 GW; Revelation 6 GW

Seek God always.

Isaiah is speaking to God’s people.  Their corruption caused God to withdraw His protection, leaving them vulnerable to the Assyrians.  The day of reckoning for Israel came from invasions by pagan nations.  God does punish Assyria for their aggression, but He didn’t cause it.  What God did was withdraw protection from the Israelites because of their actions.

When I talked back to my sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Smith, I endured a day of reckoning.  The punishment I received reminded me who was in charge, not me.  Because I was disrespecting him, as well as the class, I deserved to suffer the consequences.  Unheard of today, I received a paddling standing front and center of the classroom.   Guess what? I never disrespected Mr. Smith again.  Actions have consequences, whether we like them or not.

As soon as the Israelites suffered, they repented.  Time and again, God forgave them.  One would think they’d cling to God once and for all, but they don’t.  And neither do we.  When times are tough, seeking God comes naturally.  As soon as life normalizes, we forget who brought us to the dance.

Don’t forget your date.

When someone brings you to the dance, don’t dump them for someone else.  God created the dance floor and placed you on it.  Dancing with Him will bring you endless joy.  However, somewhere in the middle of the song, we decide to trade partners.  Leaving our escort standing along the sidelines, never a good idea.  

“God’s judgment, giving you what you want.”  Darrin Patrick

God’s gentlemanly ways will allow you to make choices.  Our most significant decision, who are we going to follow?  Choose Jesus.  Spend time with God’s Son every day.  Take time to read the stories written about the sinless man stored in the pages of Scripture.   Not only when times are bad, but when they are good as well.  Don’t forget who brought you to the party.  When dancing in the arms of Jesus, you’re fully protected, leaving no room for enemy attacks.


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Lord, thank You for protecting us.  Forgive us for forgetting You when times are regular.  Help us cling to You with delight throughout our days.  Don’t allow us to let go of You.  Keep us nestled in Your arms as we move through our days.  Knowing You protect us.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How have you forgotten God lately?

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