How Paying Attention to God Will Make You Wiser

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Daily Reading: Micah 1-4 GW; Psalms 46 GW; Revelation 1 GW

God’s word reveals.

Revelation from God comes from reading His word.  Approximately 1,500 years passed before the final book of the Bible became a reality.  Written around 90 AD, John talks about Jesus’ return.  Over the past three thousand plus years, time and again, the words within the pages of scripture prove true.  Applying Biblical principles to your life reveals truth found no other way.  Becoming wiser means seeking God’s revealed truth. 

Apocalypse is a term used to describe end times.  However, the original meaning of the Greek word is “uncover, disclose, reveal.”  In the mid-1850s, the definition changed to “belief in an imminent end of the present world.”  Many people study Revelation to decipher when the world comes to an end.  God is clear; we’re not to know (Matthew 24:36 ESV).  As soon as I began studying Revelation, I learned this truth, becoming wiser.

Truth breeds wisdom.

Learning the original meaning of Apocalypse changed my whole perspective.  Always afraid to study Revelation, one change in thinking made me eager to learn more.  As my friend and I studied through the chapters, God revealed the myths we believed. Together, we became wiser as we paid attention to God’s word.

Only when we tune in to God’s message can we become wiser.  We’ll never learn if we don’t read the words written by people who dedicated their lives to the Creator.  Once you begin to apply God’s commands to your daily life, change begins to happen.  One day at a time, we become more like Jesus.
Choose one area of your life you want to change.  Find a scripture addressing the issue.  Write the words somewhere you will see them often.  Use Youversion to create a scripture image, making it your screensaver.  Day after day, ask God to reveal His truth to You.  Pursue your Maker passionately; wisdom comes with life change.  Enjoy the journey.


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Lord, thank You for revealing the truth to us.  Forgive us for not seeking You sooner.  Today, as we seek You through Your word, open our eyes to things we cannot see.  Give us ears to hear Your message.  Help us apply what we learn to our lives, becoming wiser and experiencing life change.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What area of your life do You want divine help with today?

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