How What Seems Random Will Make You Realize It Isn’t

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Daily Reading: Esther 6-7 GW; Psalms 9 GW; Acts 27 GW

Nothing is random.

Today’s passage reminds me, everything is significant.  Paul reminds us in his letter to the Romans; God uses everything “for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purposes” (Romans 8:28 NIV).  At a pivotal moment in Esther’s story, God uses a random, sleepless night to unravel Haman’s schemes.

Mordecai is Haman’s thorn in the side.  Obedient to the one true God, Esther’s uncle refuses to worship Haman.  Scheming and plotting to kill the Jew, Haman thinks his plan is unfolding nicely.  However,  King Xerxes experiences insomnia; reading the daily logs, he discovers Moredecai’s heroism.  When Haman arrives the following day, the king orders him to recognize Mordecai for his bravery.  Unintentionally, the king foils Haman’s plan to kill his nemesis.  All because one random night, the king couldn’t sleep.  Coincidences don’t exist.

You never know when God is moving on your behalf.  King Xerxes’ sleepless night was perfect timing in Esther’s story.  Not only did God use the king to save Mordecai, but the entire Jewish nation.  From all appearances, the situation was hopeless, but then God moved.

But then God

Time and again in my life, I find myself saying, “But then God….”  A random text or coincidental meeting turns into a divine appointment.  At the time, the event seems trivial, but in hindsight, it becomes monumental.

Walking onto the tennis court to play a random tennis match, I had no idea I would meet my future husband.  Stopping to get propane at TAC RV on a random camping trip, I met my dear friend Crystal.  Hitting my opponent in the face with a tennis ball at a random cardio class brought Diane into my life, a new sister to me.  The list goes on and on of random moments that became monumental in my life.  

Everything is intentional with God.  What seems hopeless isn’t.  Random incidents become “But then God…” moments.


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Lord, thank You for Your divine intervention.  Forgive us for losing hope.  Help us recognize the “But then God” moments in our life.  Give us eyes to see and ears to hear Your workings through random events.  Win our battles for us as we place our trust in You.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

What random moment in your life was God’s divine intervention?

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