How Ego Will Make You Look Foolish to Others

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Daily Reading: Esther 1-2 GW; Acts 25 GW

Ego causes foolish actions.

King Xerxes was a powerful man, ruling 127 provinces from India to Sudan (Esther 1:1 GW).  Holding a banquet for his military officers, he wanted to show off his wealth.  For 180 days, the king flaunted his riches for all to see.  As if six months of partying wasn’t enough, King Xerxes threw an additional banquet for seven more days.  On the last day of the feast, his ego full speed ahead, the king ordered Queen Vashti to come before the crowd in only her crown.   King Xerxes wanted to show off her beauty and his power over her.  However, Queen Vashti refused, making the king look foolish in front of his guests.  

Powerful men expect obedience.  King Xerxes never imagined his queen would deny him.  His ego wouldn’t permit such thoughts.  As my husband always says, “Power and money corrupt.” They give us a false sense of security which shatters quickly.  Queen Vashti’s refusal was all it took to make the mighty king look foolish.

Manage your ego.

Each of us has an ego.  We all have prideful areas in our life, whether we realize it or not.  King Xerxes’ ego depended on his wealth.  Egos develop around the things we perceive as our strengths.  

Years ago, during a tennis clinic on volleys, I learned a valuable lesson.  Our instructor fed us a series of volleys, balls hit in the air before they bounced.  At the end of the drill, he gave us “sitters,” balls high and easily hit.  Time after time, people missed the sitter.

Standing sideways at the net, our pro, hip leaning into the white net cord, lifted his racquet over the net. “Your ego is here; Your volleys are here.” Using his other hand, he marked a point well below our egos.  

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” (Phil. 2:3 ESV)

Don’t let your ego make you look foolish.  Instead, strive for humility towards others.  Let someone else play the fool.


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Lord, thank You for Your guidance and direction.  Forgive us for letting our egos get in the way of the work You have for us.  Help us stay humble as we place You front and forward in our lives.  Let our actions glorify You.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

When has your ego made you look foolish?

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