How God’s Might Will Make You Awe Inspired

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Daily Reading: Nehemiah 8-9 GW; Acts 21 GW

God is awesome.

Sunrise, sunset, God makes the world rotate.  However, He doesn’t take orders from us.  And God is clear; consequences to our actions are a reality.  

If you drink too much alcohol, you suffer a hangover.  Spending more money than you make causes debt.   Driving faster than the speed limit causes accidents and tickets.  We make choices that have consequences and cause pain. The decisions we make are our responsibility, not God’s.  When we suffer the outcomes of our actions, we blame God.  But God isn’t the villain; we are.

All my life, I’ve described the Bible as an instruction manual.  Within the book’s pages, God gives us directions on how to live.  When we begin to apply God’s principles to our lives, miraculous things start to happen.  However, we all have blind spots, areas we can’t see our disobedience.  Most of our hardships come from poor decisions on our part, not divine acts.  

Walk the walk.

God’s might becomes apparent when we start walking the walk.  When I began managing my finances according to Biblical principles, I became debt-free.  God didn’t send me a big check in the mail; instead, He taught me self-control day by day.  Learning how to handle money requires discipline.  God’s power in me gave me the tools I needed to make better decisions.  Promptings from God’s Spirit helped me recognize when I was heading in the wrong direction.

People tend to think God’s might come in big gestures, like parting the Red Sea or calming the storm.  And sometimes, God does do those things.  But most of the time, God’s power in our daily lives comes from small acts of obedience, choosing God’s path instead of our own.  Freedom comes in knowing you did God’s bidding, especially when it goes against our human nature and desires.

Just like the sunrises and sets, God’s might in our lives is daily.  Each breath we take is a gift from above.  Life itself is miraculous.  But we lose sight of God’s greatness because of our hardships, situations that are often of our own making.  

Walk the walk.  Discover God’s awesomeness. 


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Lord, thank You for Your daily presence in our lives.  Forgive us for blaming You for our poor choices.  Help us take responsibility for our actions.  As we do, give us the tools we need to become obedient to Your will for our lives.  Show us how awesome You indeed are as we follow You closely.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

Which poor decision are you blaming God for today?

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