How the Sun and Moon Will Make You Remember God

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Daily Reading: Jeremiah 52 GW; Psalms 74 GW; Lamentations 1 GW

God decorates.

We hang pictures on the wall; God hangs the sun and moon. 

Years ago, I did an apologetics class, learning how to defend the Bible.  Our teacher was a rocket scientist working for NASA at the time.  Using scripture, he explained how the Earth is set perfectly in place.  If our planet tilted minutely from its current position, the Earth couldn’t sustain life.  I’ve never forgotten his teachings, in awe of God’s precision.

Job 9:6, “Who moveth the Earth from its place…” inspired Galileo to discover our planet isn’t sedentary.  Up until that point, the church believed the Earth was stationary and the universe revolved around it.  Galileo invented telescopes and discovered the opposite; the Earth revolves around the sun.  For his discovery, Galileo spent the last nine years of his life on house arrest.  The church convicted him of heresy, a belief contrary to religious doctrine.

Funny how the early church thought the sun revolved around the Earth.  I’m certainly guilty of thinking the world revolves around me.  But neither of those statements are true.  The Earth revolves around the sun; God is the center of the world.

Revolve around God.

Life is a never-ending journey.  Putting God in the center of the circle makes life much more enjoyable.   Our perspective is limited, God’s infinite.  He wants so much more for our lives than we can even imagine.  But if we’re only thinking of ourselves, we’ll miss out on what God has for us.

Allow scripture to inspire your imagination.  Let God lead you into discoveries you never imagined.  Just like Galileo was amazed by the magnificence of the sun and moon, feel his wonder.  Meditate on God’s precision in hanging the stars:

“God hung the stars in the sky-the Dipper, Orion, the Pleiades, and the stars of the south.” (Job 9 GNT)

When you look at the sun and moon, remember God.  Think about the precision He used in creating our world.  Watch a sunrise or sunset.   Your doubts of God’s existence will vanish when you gaze upon His wondrous decorations.


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Lord, thank You for decorating our world with such beauty.  Forgive us for taking it for granted.  As we experience life today, let us not forget what You have done for us.  Without Your precision, the Earth couldn’t sustain us.  Thank You for giving us such a beautiful home.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

When was the last time you looked at the stars in wonder?

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