How Depending on God Will Make You Find Peace

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Daily Reading:  Psalms 123 GW; Jeremiah 48-49 GW

God gives peace.

Trusting God when life is tough requires conscious effort.  We have to remind ourselves of God’s sovereignty.  What looks like a disaster to us doesn’t look the same to God.  When things aren’t going my way, maybe they are.  We think life is pitiful, but God doesn’t.  God never loses control; nothing happens that He doesn’t know.  

One of the most poignant posts I read on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 was about the people who weren’t in the towers.  People whose alarm clock didn’t go off or had a flat tire on the way to the office didn’t lose their lives because of their unexpected issues.  One man stopped to buy band-aids because he was dealing with blisters on his feet.   Various “annoyances” prevented them from getting to work on time; and saved their lives. 

Comfort isn’t God’s number one goal for our lives; growth is.  In America, we live better than anyone else in the world.  We have freedoms no other country offers. Our forefathers created a system with checks and balances that still stand today.  Our pampered lifestyle isn’t one Jesus enjoyed.

Count the blessings.

Next time you attend a pity party for yourself, remember your blessings.  Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, thank God for what you do.  First and foremost, you have Jesus.  He loves you so much; He died for you.  And Jesus didn’t live in comfort.  He never owned a home, drove a car, or enjoyed a Starbucks latte.  Jesus didn’t sleep on a temperpedic mattress or wear expensive walking shoes.  No, Jesus rested on the ground and wore sandals that didn’t do much to protect his feet.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in You.” (Isaiah 26:3 NIV)

Stay steadfast with the Lord.  He does take pity on our circumstances.  However, God’s view and ours differ.  What we think is terrible isn’t.  Only with time can we see the truth.  


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Lord, thank You for taking pity on us.  Forgive us for thinking our circumstances are worst than they are.  Help us to focus on our blessings, remaining steadfast in You.  When our hearts need encouragement, give us the boost we need.  All glory is Yours.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

How are you remaining steadfast in God?

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