Why Trusting God Will Make You Have Strong Roots

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Daily Reading:  Jeremiah 17-18 GW; Psalms 35 GW; Hebrews 3 GW

Trees need roots.

Trusting in God is the acorn.  Placing faith in God means trusting Him more than humans or your circumstances.  As we journey with Him through life, the acorn begins to crack open and tendrils start to work their way into the soil of our hearts.  God’s living water is the stream the roots find.  As we grow and experience life, nourishment comes from the eternal flow of God’s grace and mercy with a firm foundation.  

Outside our house stands an Elm tree.  Planted 30 years ago, the tree stands taller than our house.  Storm after storm, the branches sway in the wind, remaining ever strong.  Some of the tinier stems will inevitably break and fall, but the tree perseveres time and again.  Why?  Because the roots are well established in the moist soil below.

Grow intentionally.

When you plant a seed, you have choices.  You could just put the tiny pod in the soil and see what happens.  Or, you could nurture the kernel with love and intention.  

A friend gave me an African Violet recently.  Having never grown one before, I’m learning as I go.  First I needed to find the perfect place for my new plant, ensuring it gets the right amount of sun.  Then I must monitor how much water I give to my purple blossoms.  And adding exceptional plant food designed for my African beauty helps it grow even more robust.  

When we nurture the seeds of our faith with intentionality, we’ll grow strong roots.  Daily time with God’s word is a starting point.  Developing a prayer life, becoming comfortable talking to God strengthen’s your roots.  Spending time with other believers helps even more. Putting scripture into practice in your life will reinforce your faith like nothing else.

Grow your root system.  Enjoy God’s streams of life.  Become firmly planted in the One who never leaves nor forsakes you.


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Lord, thank You for being our stream of living water.  Forgive us for turning to other gods to try and fulfill our needs.  Today, as we intentionally seek You, grow our root system.  Create in us a strength that comes from You.  As the storms of life come upon us, let us stand firm.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How can you grow your root system today?

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