How God Will Make Your Beasts Bend to His Command

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Daily Reading: Psalms 116 GW; Jonah 2-4 GW; Philippians 3 GW

God controls the beast.

Today’s scripture makes me smile.  I picture Jonah sitting in the belly of the whale, powerless in his circumstances.  Desperation defines his mood.  Why didn’t he do what God asked?  But no, Jonah thought he could run from God.  Sitting in the beast’s stomach, he now knows he can’t.  However, Jonah’s story is just getting good.

With few words, God rescues Jonah from his predicament, delivering him safely to shore.  Now, Jonah has a second chance to complete his mission.

We all end up in the belly of the beast a lot of times because of our actions.  No one has hurt me more in life than I have hurt myself.  Poor decisions led to hurtful situations.  But God controls my beasts, just like He did Jonah’s.  God also commands yours.  When we take our eyes off our problems and place them on God’s greatness, things happen.

Eyes on God

To find relief from your battles, you have to take your eyes off of them.  Instead, gaze at God.  Ask Him to deliver you from whatever conflict you’re facing.  Let God lead you to dry land, don’t try to navigate the waters alone.  When we do, we can find ourselves drowning, but with God, His life raft carries us to safety.

If you’re in the belly of the beast today, cry out to God.  Release your desperations to Him.  Tell God what the problem is, then tell your issue about God.  Remind your storm that God controls the winds and the rain.  He commands the beasts of the earth; God’s rule is sovereign.  Whatever the issue, God has the solution.

But we don’t find the answers until we turn to God.  Look to your Creator today.  Ask Him to deliver you from the belly of the beast.  Find rest in Jesus.


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Lord, thank You for Jonah.  Forgive us when we run from You and find ourselves in a mess.  Praise God; You’re grace and mercy are unending.  Rescue us from the belly of the beast today, set us on dry land.  Then give us the courage to fulfill your divine tasks for our lives.  In You, we find life to the fullest.  All glory is Yours.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

What beast do you need God to talk to today?

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