How Becoming a Faith Builder Will Make You a Better Neighbor

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Daily Reading: Zechariah 5-8 GW; Romans 15 GW

Start with your neighbor.

Some people are afraid to follow Jesus because He might make them move to the jungles of Africa to save lost tribes.  “If I go all-in with God, what is He going to make me do?” 

The answer is simple, love your neighbor.  My husband and I love the diversity in our neighborhood. Last year drew everyone closer as we kept protective eyes on our block, praying for them.

I’m not saying God won’t make you move, but odds are, He wants you to start right where you are.  Because we live in a military area, our community is transitional.  Our neighbor beside us changes every year or so.  The rental home is perfect for young military couples.  Ron taught me how to live in a transitional neighborhood.

Bring the basket.

The first time we had new neighbors, Ron couldn’t wait to meet them.  Shy by nature, introducing myself to the folks next door never entered my mind.  We were cute putting together a little welcome basket.  I was nervous ringing the doorbell, which was anticlimactic because they weren’t home.  Determined, as soon as they returned, I raced over to meet them. Now when we get new neighbors, I’m no longer shy. Instead, I look forward to meeting them and hearing their story.

Jesus wants us to meet our neighbors.  He wants us to love them because eventually, they will ask why.  Why are you so nice to me?  That’s when you can tell them about Jesus and your faith in Him.    Leading people to Jesus means loving them as He would.  Jesus never forced His presence upon people.  Jesus loved people to the point of death.  All He’s asking us to do is take a casserole next door.

People have to hear about Jesus to know Him.  People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.  Love them first.  Wait for them to ask why?  Then build their faith as you share yours with them.


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Lord, thank You for not asking us to move somewhere we don’t want to go.  Forgive us for our fears.   Show us ways we can share Christ’s love with those around us.  Give us opportunities to share our faith with others, building them up.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

Which neighbor needs Christ’s love today?

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