How Evil Actions Will Make You Cringe

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Daily Reading:  Job 39-40 GW; Romans 7 GW

Natural tendencies frustrate.

If you asked people, “Why do you do the bad things you do?” They probably wouldn’t have an immediate answer.  Temptation is hard to resist. If a piece of German Chocolate Cake is sitting in front of me, even though my goal is to eat healthily, I doubt I could resist the temptation of the moist chocolate cake with creamy coconut icing.  I’m also sure guilt would set in quickly after I finished my treat.  Why do I do what I don’t want to do?

Because I’m human, and so are you.

Sin nature is part of the human condition.  Whatever the reason we justify doing something evil, it’s still evil.  Instead of doing good, we do bad.  When arguing with someone, you know the best thing to do is stop talking.  But instead, you let words flow; you know you shouldn’t speak.  Instead of working to restore unity, you create further division. If you’re not careful, the divide can widen quickly, causing permanent damage.  Yet we keep going, not stopping, causing more harm.

More God, less you.

The only way to combat my sinful nature is to ask God for more of Him, less of me.  In my humanness, I’m going to sin.  Only with God can I control my actions.  And I need a lot of God to control my quick temper and fast tongue.  My best solution to not say anything in a heated conversation is to put my hand over my mouth and physically stop myself from talking.  I learned this trick from my pastor’s wife, a wise woman.

Accept your humanity.  Recognize the battle against your sinful nature is one that will exist while you’re on earth.  We never reach a place of perfection, not until we move into eternity.  Only when God calls us home will we stop fighting against our natural desires and tendencies.  Accepting our limitations means we know where we need God’s help.  God is ready to assist, whatever we need.

Life is full of regrets.  No one means to cause themselves harm.  But yet we do.  Give your shortcomings to God.  Ask Him to help you do better.


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Lord, thank You for loving us warts and all.  Forgive us for doing the things we don’t mean to do.  Fill us with Your Spirit, more of You, less of us.  Help us do good, not evil, all the days of our lives.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What area of your life do you need God’s help today?

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