How Ignoring Miracles Will Make You Ask Dumb Questions

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Daily Reading: Psalms 78 GW

God can!

Psalm 78 is a “maskil” psalm because of the wisdom found within its verses.  Written by Asaph, a Levite singer in David’s court, he was the son of Berechiah.  In the second-longest Psalm in the Bible, the author reminds us of the miracles God performed in the past.  Asaph reminds his readers, even though God provided food for the Israelites in the desert, they complained.

Throughout the Old Testament, the Israelites are constantly flip-flopping.  One minute they are in awe of God’s mighty power because of what He does for them; the next minute, they doubt God will provide for them.  

Even after acknowledging God brought water from a rock, causing a minor flood, they question whether He will feed them.  Really?  You witnessed water come from a rock, but you don’t think God will give you food.  Dumb questions come when we ignore what we know.  And God was angry:

“When the Lord heard this, he became furious. His fire burned against Jacob and his anger flared up at Israel because they did not believe God or trust him to save them.” (Psalm 78:21-22 GW)

Believe God can.

Faith believes God can.  The reason the Israelites asked a dumb question was that they ignored what they knew.  Instead of trusting a God that brought water from a rock, they doubted Him.  

What more does God have to do to prove He will provide?

We’re the same as the Israelites.  Even though God delivered us from storms we faced in the past, we don’t think He will get us through the current one.  We doubt God’s ability to “fix” the next crisis.  Instead of trusting God, we ask, “Can God do this?”  The answer is always, “Yes, He can.” But how God performs the miracle is up to Him.

No one expected the water to come from a rock (Exodus 17:1-7 NIV), the Red Sea to part (Exodus 14:21 NIV), or a burning bush to talk (Exodus 3:1-17 NIV), yet they did.   How God meets your needs, only God knows.  But can He, absolutely.


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Lord, thank You for Your provision in our lives.  Forgive us for doubting You and forgetting so quickly what You’ve done for us in the past.  Help us today trust You more.  Remind us of how You’ve delivered us in the past.  Give us confidence. You can help us again.  IJNIP.  Amen

Question for reflection

What miracles have you seen God perform?

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