Why Floating Ax Heads Will Make You Believe in God

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Daily Reading: 2 Kings 6 GW; Mark 7 GW

Floating ax heads require God’s help.

Elisha was a man of God.  He was the successor to Elijah, apprenticing under him for over six years, learning about Elijah’s relationship with God.  Elisha asked Elijah for a double portion of his spirit when Elijah left earth, a complex request. God granted Elisha’s request.  Elijah performed eight miracles in the Old Testament, Elisha sixteen.

In today’s scripture, the disciples of Elisha were gathering logs to build places to live.  The prophet borrowed the ax head.  Unlike today, people couldn’t go to hardware stores and buy equipment.  Ax heads required much time and effort to make.  Losing one meant you had to do without an essential tool to complete your task.  Felling trees is hard to do without an ax.

What seems small to us today, was in fact, a big deal to these prophets.  How were they to complete their homes if they didn’t have the right equipment?  Thank God for Elisha’s faithfulness and perseverance.  Because of his intimate relationship with God, Elisha knew exactly what to do.  Throwing a stick into the water, he caused the ax head to float, saving the day.  Can you imagine how much more his fellow prophets believed after watching this divine solution?

God cares about the details.

God knows we need the right equipment to fulfill our purposes on earth.  Whatever our task is before us, God provides the tools we need to do it.  And when we need divine help, God is only a prayer away.

Because of Jesus, we have a direct line to God.  Whatever the need, we can go directly to the source for help.  Asking God for assistance will result in an answer.  Most of the time, God’s solutions are not at all what we thought.  But inevitably, when God floats an ax head for us, we believe even more in the power of our Creator.


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Lord, thank You for having the answers to our dilemmas.  Forgive us for not turning to You sooner instead of trying to solve the problems on our own.  Today, as we face moments of panic, still our hearts and minds.  Just as Elisha calmly made the ax head float, meet our needs today as only You can.  Thank You for reminding us, in all things, You are in control.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How has God helped you lately?

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