How Praying Will Make You Sweet-Smelling Incense to God

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Daily Reading: 2 Samuel 1-3 GW; Psalms 141 GW

Your prayers are fragrant.

God yearns for you to turn to Him. He waits like a father or mother who knows their child is suffering but doesn’t want to talk about it. Any sign that a son or daughter wants to share their struggle with them is a precious gift to a parent.

When my father was dying from lung cancer, I’ll never forget how I broke his heart.  Eavesdropping on a conversation between him and my Mom, I found out I hurt him.  Dad asked Mom, why doesn’t “Bethie” talk to me like she does you?  I had no idea I spoke to Dad differently.  All he wanted was for me to share my heart with him like I did my Mom.  To this day, I still feel sad when I think of that moment.

But Dad knew I loved him.  And God knows you love Him.  What God wants is for you to talk to Him more; He wants to hear how your day is going.  God wants to know what you’re feeling, thinking, and doing.  God loves you wholly and completely, and like a lover, wants to share every crazy moment with you.

Just talk to Him.

Prayer is simply talking to God.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Like my Dad yearned for me to share my heart with him, God wishes the same of you.  Tell God about your frustrations, whatever they are.  

God knows you aren’t perfect; He doesn’t expect it.  He wants a relationship with you—open and honest, where you tell Him everything.  Remember, God made the first move.  He sent Jesus to pave the way for you to engage with Him.

Start today.  Lift your hands in prayer.  Let your prayers fragrance fill God’s nostrils.  Take a step closer to your Creator.  Give Him another piece of your heart.


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Lord, thank You for Your loving presence in our lives.  Praise You for your Son who died for us. Forgive us, God, for not sharing our hearts with you.  Forgive us for holding back when we could give it all to You.  Help us find that release today.  As we start a conversation with You, let us have eyes to see, ears to hear your response.  We love You, Lord, now and always.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How much are you talking to God?

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