How Gloating Will Make You Examine Your Heart’s Motive

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Daily Reading: Joshua 13-14 GW; Proverbs 24 GW

Gloating reveals heart issues.

In reality, all of us, at some time or another, have gloated:

“To observe or think about something with triumphant and often malicious satisfaction, gratification, or delight.”

God doesn’t gloat when we fall.  Instead, through Jesus, God offers us a hand up.  His grace covers our sins.  When we stumble, He catches us and helps us regain our footing.  If we want to become more like Christ, we need to do the same.  

Gloating is an indicator light.

When my car has a problem, an indicator light appears on the dashboard.  Whether my tires need air or the oil needs changed, the vehicle has a signal for all of them. Cars today have so many indicator lights; mechanics need a handheld computer to identify the problem.  Just like a “check engine light” means a problem exists with the engine; gloating indicates a problem with our heart.

Do a heart check.

Allowing God to search your heart is the same as the mechanic using his handheld computer to diagnosis the engine problem.  Only God can illuminate the issue.  Whether you’re jealous or vengeful, God will let You know.  

Following Jesus means His Spirit lives inside of you.  God’s Spirit will convict you of the issue.  God’s grace will help you align Your heart with His.  When you do, you’ll view the person and the situation differently.  One prayer that constantly changes my view is:  “God, help me see them through Your eyes.”  Every time God gives me a new perspective.

Next time a temptation to gloat happens, do a heart check.  Ask God why you’re gloating.  Let Him do the heart examination. Allow God to change your view.


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Lord, thank You for the new perspective.  Viewing the world from an earthly vantage point is difficult.  Forgive us for gloating over others misfortunes.  Whenever we gloat, help us use it as an indicator light in our life for a heart check.  Give us courage to let You search our hearts, revealing to us the areas of sinfulness.  Cleanse us Lord of our negative emotions.  Fill our hearts with Your grace and mercy.  Remove any prideful thoughts from our minds.  Help us remember; we fall too.  No one is perfect except Jesus.  In Him, we find life.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Who have you gloated over lately?

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