Why Following Wrong Advice Will Make You Have Regrets

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Daily Reading: Psalms 1 GW; Joshua 12 GW; Proverbs 18 GW

Bad advice equals regret.

Just because someone gives you advice doesn’t mean you should take it.  When I was growing up, my Mom had a saying for everything.  When I wanted to follow bad advice, she’d say the same thing.  “I suppose if they told you to jump off a bridge, you’d do that too.”  Her meaning was clear; just because they’re doing it doesn’t mean you should.

One thing we have to keep in mind, we’re all wicked.   Each one of us is a sinner in need of Jesus.  People are biased.  In other words, “prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.”  Parents favor their children.  Spouses show bias to their partners.  Bosses have favorite employees.  Friends lean towards their friends.   Part of the human condition has natural preferences for people, places, and things.  We just do.

But God doesn’t.

God loves all of us equally.  When we seek His advice, bias doesn’t exist.   God’s counsel is blessed.

Seek divine counsel.

God’s advice is the best.  In the pages of scripture, you will find all you need to navigate any situation.  Healthy relationships are crucial to living life to the fullest.  The Bible is the best place to look for self-help.  When you read the ten commandments, you realize they are about relationships.  The first five tell you how to love God; the last five tell you how to love people.  Our greatest command is to love God and others.  Following God’s advice will lead to a blessed life for you.

Seek God’s advice.  Ask for discernment—filter human advice through the lens of scripture.  Let God have the final say.


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Lord, thank you for giving us the scriptures, our manual for life.  Forgive us for seeking worldly advice instead of your advice.  Help us today become more discerning.  Remind us people’s motives aren’t pure, but Yours is.  When temptation to follow lousy advice rises, help us overcome.  In all things, let us follow You.  Help us today to make good decisions by following wise advice.  Let blessings reign upon us as we take steps to become more like Christ.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What bad advice have you taken lately?

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