How Dealing with Hypocrisy Will Make You Nuts

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Daily Reading: Deuteronomy 24-25 GW; Proverbs 11 GW; Psalms 49 GW

Doublespeak is exhausting.

Trying to decipher truth takes energy when the story constantly changes.  News outlets and social media say whatever is necessary to get the ratings.  One good thing that came from 2020, a recent Gallup survey reported only 9% of adults trust mass media completely.  People are aware of the hypocrisy that has taken over our media outlets.

Flipping from a liberal news channel to a conservative one can cause a mental tailspin.  One station reports riots, while the other reports peaceful protests.  Both are hypocrites, catering to their audiences.  The same Gallup survey reported over 90% of each political party watches the news channel that supports their belief system.  Therefore, they’re only getting half of the story.  When reality doesn’t match what they hear in the media, people don’t know what to believe.

Following Jesus reveals truth.

Remain sane by focusing on the truth of Jesus.  Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.  Jesus was a man of integrity.  He told the truth; in Him, you’ll find no hypocrisy.  Jesus exemplifies how to live an honest life through Him.

To live a life of integrity means letting Jesus guide you.   In Him, you will find truth.  Jesus wasn’t a hypocrite.  He didn’t lie to get people to follow Him.  In love, Jesus was honest with all He met.  Jesus asked the right questions, allowing people to think for themselves.  By doing so, He exposed hypocrites.

We can do the same thing.  Follow Jesus’s example of asking questions.  Allow people to think about the words they are saying.  Often, people don’t realize they’re speaking out of both sides of their mouths.  

Don’t let hypocrites drive you nuts.  Focus on Jesus; let Him guide you.


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Praise God for His guiding light.  Like a lighthouse in the sea, Your beacon gives us direction.  Forgive us for getting caught up in the hypocrisy of this world.  Help us rid ourselves of doublespeak; instead, help integrity lead our lives.  Give us the courage, to tell the truth in love to all.  Clear any confusion from our minds as we move through the hypocritical world we live in today.  Guide and protect us today and always.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What area is hypocrisy driving you nuts today?

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