Creation Will Make You Think About the Creator

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Daily Reading: Numbers 17-18 GW; John 1 GW

God created everything.

Look around you.  Wherever you are at this moment, God is the creator of all you see.  He is the One who gave breath to the people who invented whatever contraptions in view. 

Ancient Egyptians get the credit for designing chairs, but God gave them the breath they needed to breathe.

 Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, but God gave him the gifts he needed to accomplish his task. 

Legend says Kaldi, a goat herder, discovered the power of the coffee bean.  He noticed his goat’s energy level increased when they ate the beans.  When Kaldi told a local monk about his discovery, the monk added the beans to water, allowing him to stay alert in prayer for long hours.  God created the coffee bean, the goats, Kaldi, and monks, all needed to give us our morning brew.

God creates.

We have put men on the moon, but God gave us the technology.  Everything we have has God at its origin.  Nothing exists that God did not create.  When we begin to grasp this concept, we realize we have a lot to thank God for each day.

“This is Us” is a favorite show of mine.  In a recent episode, the writer’s highlighted Nasir Ahmed, who developed Discrete Cosine Transform with his team in the 1970s.  Their work is used today in image and video sharing technology.  Ahmed’s team is what has kept us connected during the pandemic 50 years later.  God created Ahmed, giving him gifts that would keep on producing for decades to come.

God creates out of love.  Our God-given gifts cause us to invent.  All things start with God.


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Lord, thank You for Your creation.  Everything in existence came from You.  Forgive us for taking credit for Your work.  Without Your breath in our bodies, we couldn’t do anything.  Today, let us take time to appreciate the air You created.  As we inhale deeply, remind us of Your goodness as we fill our lungs.  As we hold our breath for a moment, do Your work within us.  Then, let us exhale all of the negativity from within us, knowing, You are working.  As we embrace Your sovereignty, let us become creators like You.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Which one of God’s creations are you most thankful for today?

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