Uncomfortable Circumstances Will Make You Doubt

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Daily Reading: Numbers 13-14 GW; 2 Timothy 3 GW

People prefer comfort to discomfort. Get used to uncomfortable.

The Israelites were in bondage, slaves treated horribly, yet they understood that life.  When Moses led them into the wilderness, they didn’t know what to expect.  Hardships occurred that they didn’t anticipate. As a result, they romanticized their previous life, thinking it better than the road ahead.  They doubted God when the going got rough. 

Why do women stay in abusive relationships?  Because abuse is comfortable.  Moving out of an abusive relationship means stepping into the unknown.  Even though people want healthy relationships, they don’t want to do the work required to have them.  Facing hard truths is difficult and requires perseverance.  Just like the Israelites had to keep moving forward, we must do the same, despite our fears, anxieties, and doubts.  We must leave the comfortable behind.

Life happens outside the comfort zone.

Currently, I’m preparing for a road trip by myself.  Fear and anxiety are trying to stop me.  Niggling thoughts pop into my head.  “What if you have a flat tire?”  “What if you end up in a snowdrift?”  “Maybe I should stay home.”  The inner battle rages, trying to steal my joy.  Remaining in my comfort zone is more appealing than venturing out into the unknown. But I can’t live life to the fullest from my recliner.  We must keep moving forward if we want to experience life. 

Just because the road ahead is challenging, doesn’t mean it’s not worth traveling.  Accept you will have doubts along the way.  Embrace the anxiety that is natural when making life changes.  When you start to crave the known, ask God to remind you why you left.  Today’s uncertainties are opportunities to trust God.  Tell Him the truth.  God can handle your doubts as He leads you into the promised land.


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Lord, how thankful we are You keep us moving forward in life.  Thank You for not letting us stay as we are, but instead, help us become a new person in Christ.  Forgive us for doubting when our circumstances overwhelm us.  Help us to remember what You’ve done for us in the past, knowing You’ll provide for us in our new journey.  Let us live outside our comfort zones, completely trusting in You, no matter what our circumstances look like.  In You, we find life to the fullest.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What comfort zone are you afraid to leave behind?

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