What Will Make You Change the Way You Think

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Daily Reading: Leviticus 13 GW; 2 Corinthians 7 GW

Godly distress causes u-turns in thinking.

Every time I hear the phrase, “You don’t find atheists in foxholes,” it makes me smile.  A foxhole isa hole in the ground used by troops as a shelter against enemy fire or as a firing point.” In other words, when people fear for their lives, they pray.  Whether they believe in God or not is irrelevant.  When you’re in a life or death situation, you recognize your limitations.  You know only something outside of yourself can save you.  Thinking changes when pressure is applied.

Hopefully, God doesn’t need to use a foxhole to get your attention.  But trials in our lives do bring us to our knees, causing us to look heavenward, seeking God’s aid.  When we bring God into our story, our thinking changes.

Changed thinking, changed actions.

Experiencing God’s grace changes your life.  When you are in your foxhole, surviving unscathed, credit goes to God.  His protection, provision, and guidance were the navigators.  Whatever the story of survival is, I’m sure you can’t make it up.  The details of God’s working in our lives are so personal; He’s the only explanation.  Godly distress draws us closer to our Creator; it illuminates His closeness in our lives.  As we know Him more, our thinking changes and our actions become more loving.

Whatever foxhole you’re in today, pray.  Seek the God who can get you out of the pit.  Give Him the glory when He brings you victory.


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Lord, how grateful we are for Your sovereignty.  In all things, You rule.  Even when we don’t believe, You love us.  Forgive us for our unbelief.  Thank You for Your protection during the storm.  Give us tails of survival that spread Your good news to the world.  Lord, let us experience Your grace today in a new and unexpected way.  As we draw into You, let us feel Your presence with us.  In all things, we give You the glory. IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

How are you experiencing God in Your life today?

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