Following Jesus Will Make You A New Creation

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Daily Reading: Exodus 37-38 GW; 2 Corinthians 5 GW

Following Christ creates new life in you.

Our human nature has natural defaults.  When someone hurts us, we want revenge.  Whether someone lied to us, judged us incorrectly, or treated us as less than, pain causes a desire for retaliation.  But that isn’t Jesus.  When people mistreated Him, He responded in love.  Jesus didn’t exact revenge; He gave grace, mercy, and love to those who persecuted Him.  When we start responding like Jesus, we are new creatures.

When my mother was in her last years of life, she required more care than I could give alone.  As a result, she stayed with my brother and his family for a while.  Initially, I was opposed to this situation, and my attitude made my feelings clear to all.  My human emotions were in control.  To change my perspective, I needed Jesus.  When I turned to Him, He gave me a new heart.  Applying His teachings to my life revealed the truth to me: I needed the help.  Instead of anger, God gave me a spirit of gratitude.  In Him, I found new life.

Change of heart, change of attitude.

Jesus deals directly with our hearts.  From within our being, changes come.  Visibly, we look the same, but internally, we are new.  As we absorb Jesus’s teachings into our soul, our attitude changes.  We begin to take the focus off of ourselves and place it on others.  When someone hurts us, we look past the offense.  We understand, hurting people hurt others.  Their pain is causing them to act in ways they usually wouldn’t.  Instead of seeking revenge, we’re able to offer grace.

Let Jesus’s teachings take root in your soul today.  As you begin to live your life like Him, watch the transformation take place.  In Him, you will find new life.


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Lord, how grateful we are for the life You have given us.  Forgive us today for wrong attitudes.  Instead of seeking justice, give us hearts full of love.  Change us from within as Your word takes root within us.  In all things, let us respond like Jesus.  Give us the grace, mercy, and love we need to change the world, one loving act at a time.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Where do you need Jesus to give you a new perspective?

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