What Will Make You Able to Comfort Others

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Daily Reading: Exodus 29-30 GW; 2 Corinthians 1 GW

“He comforts us whenever we suffer. That is why whenever other people suffer, we are able to comfort them by using the same comfort we have received from God.” (2 Corinthians 1:4 GW)

Receiving God’s comfort helps comfort others.

God’s ways of comforting people always amazes me.  People go through storms in life, but they don’t go alone.  For one thing, God knows what turbulence you will encounter in this life before you do.  He already is placing His servants in a ready position for when the time comes.  People are His hands and feet, there to wrap arms around you when you need.

My friend’s husband had a heart attack just before Halloween.  When she raced to the emergency room, doctors were shocking his heart back to life.  Out of nowhere, a pastor appeared, someone she had never meant.  He gently guided her from the room so the medical personnel could work, leading her to the chapel to sit and pray with her.  She had no idea who he was, but in her darkest hour, God sent someone to help her.  Gratefully, her husband survived.  When she needed comfort, God provided in the form of a stranger.

Receiving comfort helps give comfort.

What my friend needed was comfort.  Because she received comfort, she knows how to give comfort.  Presence is more important than words.  When life is falling apart around you, the feelings of loneliness can overwhelm you.  But just sitting with someone lets them know they aren’t alone.  God knows what you are going through; He has a plan to get you to the other side of the storm.

Just like God shows up in our darkest hour, show up for others.  Sit with them silently; your presence will comfort their fears.  You don’t have to have the answers, just arms to hold them through the storm.  God sends people who are His hands and feet.  Sometimes they comfort you; other times, you are the comforter.


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Lord, how grateful we are for Your comfort.  Thank You for sending people to help us through our darkest hours.  Forgive us when we have not taken the opportunity to comfort others with our presence.  Instead, help us become comforters.  Let us show up for people in need, representing You.   Let our hands and feet bring comfort for others as we sit with them.  As you have comforted us, let us comfort others.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

Who needs comfort in your life today?

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