What Will Make You a Treasured Possession

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Daily Reading: Exodus 19-20 GW; 1 Peter 2 GW

“ Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession.” (Exodus 19:5 GW)

Obedience makes you God’s treasured possession.

Time and again, we find God looking for someone who will do His will.  Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Moses all were obedient to God’s commands.  As a result, they became His treasured possessions.  Obeying God isn’t a punishment; it’s a reward.  Jesus is the ultimate example of obedience to God.  His lifestyle is our model for living.

“True companionship in Christ comes when it’s hard not to respond like He would respond.” Dallas Willard “The Spirit of Disciplines

We have a choice of what type of lifestyle we live in America.  Following Jesus is a lifestyle choice, not just a ticket into heaven.  In reality, eternity is now.  God’s intention isn’t for us to persevere through a miserable life on earth but rather to enjoy His peace that surpasses all understanding at all times.  The closer we draw to Jesus, the more we want to respond as He would.

Live with purpose.

Living an obedient life is a purposeful one.  Spending time with God in private, meeting Jesus in the scripture pages, will lead to an obedient life.  As your heart connects with God’s, you’ll want to do what He wants, more than your desires.  Walking in Jesus’s steps requires seclusion with God, not just public performances.  God is after a relationship with you.  And the more you know Jesus, the more you’ll want to know.

Seek to know Jesus more.  Develop a relationship with the one who treasures you.  Find the true companionship you seek.  Become one with Jesus, experience His peace now.


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Lord, thank You for Jesus.  Help us know Him more today.  Forgive us for the times we are disobedient.  Open our hearts to embrace who Jesus was, help us model our lives after Him.  Lead us to true companionship with Him.  As we learn how Jesus would respond, make it hard for us to answer any other way.  Each day You give us, help us know You more.  As we grow closer to You privately,  let Your ways overflow from us to the world.  In all things, help us to obey.  IJNIP. Amen

Question for reflection

What area are you struggling to obey God in today?

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