What Will Make You Pass the Test?

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Daily Reading: Exodus 9-10 GW; Psalms 105 GW

“The Lord’s promise tested him through fiery trials until his prediction came true.” (Psalm 105:19 GW)

Faith makes passing tests possible.

Today’s scripture is referring to Joesph.  Jacob’s favorite son had a dream that he would one day rule his brothers.   When he shared the news with his siblings, they weren’t happy.  Joseph was a teenager when God gave him the vision. He endured many trials before his dream became a reality.  During all of that time, Joseph never lost faith in God.  When his brothers dumped him in a pit and left him for dead, he remained faithful.  When his boss’s wife accused him of inappropriate behavior, his beliefs didn’t waver.  While sitting in prison in horrible circumstances, Joseph was loyal to his God.  Fiery trials were part of Joesph’s journey, and they are part of ours.

Every day, you have the choice of who you are going to follow.  Having faith means choosing God over self. In other words, whose “want” is more important, yours or God’s?  If I suffered what Joseph did, I don’t know what I would do, nor do I want to find out.  My trials are enough for me; I don’t need someone else’s.  Walking with God isn’t an insurance policy; it’s a relationship.

Faith Self-Validates

Validation means checking or proving the accuracy of something.  Self-validation is proving it to yourself.  Only when you take steps of faith will you find the validity that comes from them.  As you put into practice Jesus’s teachings, you’ll have no problem believing His existence in your life.  But if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Every journey is one step at a time.  Before Jesus could fulfill His destiny on the cross, He had to walk out His ministry on earth.   One day, God will call each of us home, but until then, we’re to walk by faith.  Whatever trials we face, we needn’t fear.  Faith is key to passing any test.


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Dear Lord, how precious is Your name.  Your faithfulness to us is never wavering.  Forgive us for when we doubt.  Instead, help us remain faithful no matter what the trial.  Like Joseph, help us fulfill our destiny one day at a time.  With each step of faith we take, draw us closer to You.  Keep us moving forward, don’t let us get stuck in a moment.  Help us keep our focus on You, today and always.  In Jesus’s Name, I pray. Amen

Question for reflection

What is a step of faith you need to take today?

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