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 “Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.” (1 Peter 2:17 NIV)

Everyone must respect authority.

Submission to people in power is something we all must do.  Whether your boss or the President, all of us are accountable to someone.  Spouses are responsible to each other; children answer to parents, students are subject to teachers, the list is endless.  We are to show proper respect to everyone.

Recently, I started back to hot yoga after a two-year break.  Things have changed because of COVID.  Now, plastic barriers are between each student.  At the end of class, we’re supposed to wipe down the partitions with the provided paper towels and cleaner.  I wasn’t aware we were to do this in my first class, so I didn’t.  I noticed another student cleaning his area as I was leaving.  I find this requirement ridiculous.  The room temperature is over 100 degrees; we don’t touch the walls; to me, this is stupid.  However, I must respect the establishment’s authority; therefore, I wipe down the walls after every class.

Submission occurs at all levels.

Whether minor or significant, submission comes at all levels.  Practicing obedience is done in the small things.   Following God daily helps us submit to His precepts.  Jesus set the example for us:

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” (Mark 1:35 NIV)

Making time to spend with God daily is part of our accountability to Him.  Jesus prioritized alone time with God; we should do the same.  We show respect when we are present with Him, understanding; He’s the one in control.  Each day, our relationship with God grows deeper.  No matter whether five minutes or five hours, God uses it in our lives to propel us forward.

“Am I saying this now to win the approval of people or God? Am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be Christ’s servant.” (Galatians 1:10 NIV)

People misunderstand why, as Christ-follower’s we are to submit.  We don’t respect authority to gain people’s approval; we do it because that’s what God calls us to do.  Accepting His sovereignty helps us accept other’s rule in our lives.  

Submission spurs growth. 

God uses the authority in our lives to remind us, the world doesn’t revolve around us.  We are part of a broader community; therefore, we must respect those in it.  Everyone has value and purpose.  We reflect God’s love in our obedience to Him, then others.  

If you’re struggling with submission to authority, seek God first.  He’ll help you submit.

Question of the Day:

Who are you having trouble submitting too?

Further Reading: Ezekiel 47:1-48:35 NIV1 Peter 2:11-3:7 NIV, Psalm 119:49-64 NIV, Proverbs 28:12-13 NIV

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