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“The eyes of the Lord keep watch over knowledge, but he frustrates the words of the unfaithful.” (Proverbs 22:12 NIV)

God knows everything.

God is the keeper of all knowledge.  No question is unanswerable for Him. God is truth, and light.  Whatever circumstance you’re facing, whatever challenges you’re struggling with, God knows the truth about them.  He knows why they are happening.  He knows exactly what He wants you to learn.  He knows how He wants you to learn the lesson He’s trying to teach. 

My favorite new drill in tennis is “Bump up, Bump Over.”  The student must control their racquet in order to first bump the ball up, then bump it over the net.  They hit the ball twice.  Why I love this drill, mainly because it teaches the student footwork.  Without realizing what they are doing, they automatically take the steps necessary to move around the ball and get in a position to then hit it.  In addition to footwork, the drill increases their eye racquet coordination as well.  In order to ensure success, I use different types of balls with different types of students.  Sometimes I use a red ball which bounces at 50% of a regular ball.  For advanced students, I use a regular ball.  In each instance, the student is increasing their skill level, without realizing they are.  The circumstances and challenges are different, but the lesson is the same.

God repeats the drill until we gain the knowledge.

Just like I repeat “Bump Up, Bump Over” with my kids, God repeats drills with us.  When I teach a lesson, I use this drill as a warm-up.  Every time the kids come out, we spend a few minutes doing this drill  Why?  They immediately focus their attention on the ball and get their feet moving.  God repeats the drills in our lives to teach us the lessons He wants us to learn.  He knows, when the circumstances are just so, we’ll focus our eyes back on Him.  Just like the kids focus on the ball and unknowingly move their feet, God uses life to get our attention. 

For instance, forgiveness.  How many times have you had to forgive someone in your life?  Pretty much every day I have an opportunity to forgive someone.  Typically my husband, but you never know.  A day doesn’t go by that someone doesn’t need forgiveness for something.  Maybe a text that went unanswered, an uncompleted task,  or a tone that came across too harsh. Some days, the person I have to forgive is myself.  Each day I get to strengthen my forgiveness muscle.

God knows all things.  He uses all things to the good for those who believe and trust in Him (Romans 8:28 NIV).  Whatever drill He’s putting you through, He has a reason.  Let Him do His thing.

Question of the Day:

What muscle is God building in you today?

Further Reading: Job 34-36 NIV2 Corinthians 4:1-12 NIV, Psalm 44:1-8 NIV, Proverbs 22:10-12 NIV


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