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“Whoever slanders their neighbor in secret,  I will put to silence, whoever has haughty eyes and a proud heart,  I will not tolerate.” (Psalm 101:5 NIV)

Yes, God knows everything you do.  That is the short answer. People want God with them, when they want God with them.  For instance, a soldier in a fox hole under heavy fire wants God with him. However, that same soldier, celebrating after the battle is over in a neighborhood bar with a woman whom he’s paying for her attention, doesn’t want God with him then.  But God really does know everything, and He still loves us. Even when we are at our worst, His love for us is unwavering. God knows everything because He created everything. Does God know everything in your life? Yes He does.

God knows everything because He created everything.

Somewhere along the way while I was single, I heard about the “Eye” theory.  Someone challenged me to imagine that my future husband was with me all of the time.  Would I feel comfortable if he knew what I was doing at that moment? I remember how that challenge really made me think about what I was doing in my life.  Because of that challenge, I started to think differently. I started to ask myself this question: “Do I feel comfortable telling my future spouse about what I’m doing today?”  I gained a new perspective by asking myself the right question.

We can expand that theory to our relationship with God.  Instead of asking if I can tell my spouse, instead ask, can I tell God?  When we make that shift, we will find we start to make better decisions about what we are doing with our time.  When we start asking ourselves the right questions, we’ll get the right answers.

When we find someone hard to love, we can ask God to show us how to love them.  Instead of talking bad about them to other people, we can talk to God about the situation and let Him give us a new perspective on it.  I, just like everyone else, have people that are very difficult for me to deal with. In fact, without God’s presence in my life, I wouldn’t be able to deal with them.  God is the one Who guides me in those difficult relationships. He helps me set up healthy boundaries that enable me to love them. Sometimes that love is done from afar, but it is still love.

God does know everything about your life.    It’s okay that God knows everything. His love for us isn’t dependent on our actions, it’s dependent on His.  Even when we are at our absolute worst, Jesus still died for us. Does God know everything about your life? Yes, He does.  And that’s ok.

Question of the Day:

Do you believe God loves you just as you are?

Further Reading: Judges 11:1-12:15 NIV, John 1:1-28 NIV, Psalm 101:1-8 NIV, Proverbs 14:13-14 NIV

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