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“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1 NIV)

The best security blanket is God.  He is our strength and rescue at all times.  Right now, whatever you are facing, you can take refuge in Him.  You can wrap yourself up in His arms, just like a child with a security blanket.  He will pull the cover over your head, letting you nestle into His shoulder, and He will protect you.  He is always there, waiting for You to turn to Him. His arms are wide open, holding the corners of the blanket.  He’s waiting to fold you into His arms. He is the best security blanket you will ever find. Nothing can compare to Jesus.

The reason children (and adults) use security blankets; because they “make you feel safe and protected, which increases your brain’s serotonin levels and decreases the presence of stress hormones.”  We all want to feel secure, but security is hard to find in today’s world.  Everything changes so quickly. Days turn quickly into weeks, then months, then years.  Kids grow up and leave, jobs end, marriages end, lives end, all things that can leave us feeling helpless and alone.  With an ever changing world, finding a place of security can seem hopeless. But it’s not, God doesn’t change. God is our hope, our security; He’s unchanging.

God is our hope and security, He’s unchanging.

“I the Lord do not change. So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed” (Malachi 3:6 NIV).  God doesn’t change, because He doesn’t, we aren’t destroyed.  This passage of scripture represents a cycle we all follow:

“God initiates a relationship and blesses us, God calls us to honor him, and we promise to serve and worship him alone, yet we soon drift into complacency. We are easily enticed by the flickering lights of temptation, so we wander and stray. Ultimately, we defy our Creator, falling into dark pits of sin with dreadful consequences. We hit rock bottom, we get fed up, we long for change, we cry out for mercy, God hears and restores, we promise to never leave him again . . . but, in time the cycle begins again.”  Louie Giglio

The moment we cry out for mercy  is the moment God wraps us in His arms.  He secures us in His steadfast love that is unwavering.  Even knowing, as Louie says, we’ll leave Him yet again, He will always be waiting for our return.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God, not even our own imperfections (Romans 8:38-39 NIV). God is our hope and security, He’s unchanging.

Question of the Day:

How has God been unchanging in your life?

Further Reading:  Leviticus 27:14-Numbers 1:54 NIV, Mark 11:1-26 NIV, Psalm 46:1-11 NIV,

Proverbs 10:23 NIV

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