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“My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare.” Psalm 25:15 NIV

Everyone has an area of their life that is caught in a trap or snare.  A snare is a trap for catching animals. Humans get caught in the snares of life, often not even knowing they’re in a trap.  However, God does. He knows when we’re caught in the trap of a lie, or a snare of unforgiveness. God knows when we’re stuck in a trap of indecision, or low-self esteem.  God knows the snares we fall into, whether we do or not. And He is the one who releases us from them. He is the One who gently opens the trap so we can slip our foot out of it.  If you want to get out of a trap, keep your eyes on God. He’ll get you out.

Besides the traps we fall into and are unaware, there are those we walk right into.   When someone asks you a question, that is intentionally meant to trap you into an answer, those traps are hard to avoid.  They are hard to avoid because we don’t see them coming. But God has an answer for those traps too. He’s not surprised by the situation, He has an answer.  No matter what the trap, God can get you out.

No matter what the trap, God can get you out.

If a dog gets caught in a trap, his master knows how to get him out.  The owner knows the most important thing to do is stay calm. The same applies when we get caught in a trap.  The most important thing to do is stay calm. As the dog trusts his owner to get him out of the trap, we must trust our Creator to get us out of ours.  We can be silent, waiting in confidence for Him to move. As God gently opens the mouth of the trap, we’ll be able to slip out of it with minimal damage.  

When we’re trapped in a lie, God will reveal the truth.  When our heart is hardened to forgiveness, God will soften it to forgive.  When the snare of indecision has us immobilized, God will decide for us. When the tendrils of low self-esteem try to smother us, God will cut them away, one by one.  When someone tries to trap us with their words, God will give us an answer that will set us free. When caught in a trap, keep your eyes focused on God. He’ll release you from the snare.

Question of the Day:

What trap do you need God to release you from today?

Further Reading: Exodus 10:1-12:13 NIV, Matthew 20:1-28 NIV, Psalm 25:1-15 NIV

Proverbs 6:6-11 NIV

2 thoughts on “HOW TO GET OUT OF A TRAP”

  1. I truly enjoyed this devotion today. I loved the example you gave about the animal being trapped and the word pictures you used to show us how God will release us from the trap.

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