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 “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20 NIV

The only way to tell whether something is bad or good is to wait and see.  Joseph, the man speaking these words, is referring to when his brothers threw him in a pit to die, then feeling remorseful, sold him into slavery instead.  They meant him harm, but now, years later, it turned out to be good. The only way to know if it’s bad or good is to wait and see.

Joseph’s life was spent in and out of prison after his brothers sold him into slavery. But then through divine intervention, he became second-in-command of  Egypt. God and Pharaoh were the only two he had to report too. When his brothers needed help during the 7 year famine, he gave it to them freely. What they meant as harmful, God intended for good.   Only with hindsight is Joseph able to see the truth. With hindsight comes perspective and truth.

With hindsight comes perspective and truth.

My job was eliminated Nov. 1, 2019.  I had been working a volunteer staff position at the church we attended.  Due to some restructuring, they eliminated my position. I was devastated.  I didn’t understand why? I was doing a great job, so good in fact, I had grown the position from part time to full time.  I wasn’t consulted. I was called in to the office and told I no longer had a position. None of it made sense to me that day, or in the days that followed.  But now, over a year later, I completely understand. God knew exactly what He was doing. He had a different journey for me to take, but first He had to remove me from where I was.  What I thought was bad, was good. I just needed time to be able to see it.

Whatever “bad” thing has happened to you, wait to make the final judgement.  If a relationship has ended, there may be a reason you don’t know about. If you lost your job, God has something better in store for you, don’t give up.  Whatever the situation, trust that God is maneuvering you where He wants you to be. It may take time before you can see the good in a situation. Joseph was in his late teens when his brother’s tried to kill him, by the time they reconnect, he is in his 30’s.  The only way to truly know if something is bad or good is to wait and see. Sometimes, the wait is longer than we would like. During those times, we can do what Joseph did, keep our eyes on God and trust Him.

Question of the Day:

What is one situation you thought was bad, but now you realize was good?

Further Reading:  Genesis 50:1 – Exodus 2:10 NIV, Matthew 16:13-17:9 NIV, Psalm 21:1-13 NIV, Proverbs 5:1-6 NIV

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