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“Though he falls, he will not be overwhelmed, because the Lord supports him with his hand.” Psalm 37:24 CSB

Today, I’m thankful for my friend Pat. Our friendship is a Divine Appointment from heaven that was fulfilled.  Pat lives in Williamsburg, VA, but we met in Mt. Pleasant, SC, what would appear to be randomly, but we know it wasn’t.  We had a mutual friend who had been trying to introduce us but it never happened, she moved to SC, so we thought that was the end of that.  But it was only the beginning. Unbeknownst to either Pat or I, we both visited our friend in SC over the same weekend, that is how we met. By the time we left that night we had decided to do a summer Bible study together and the rest is history.  God wanted us to meet,and God has held us up over the past 13 years.

Pat and I’s faith journey together has been challenging.  Her daughter’s illness over the past 8 years has tested us like nothing else. But God has carried us through it. There have been so many times in this journey when all hope seems to be gone, but then God raises beauty from ashes and resurrects life (Isaiah 61:3 NIV).  God gives new life where there is none.  When doctors in one hospital said they could do no more, new life would be found in another hospital, with other doctors.  New hope would be found. God has been intimately involved in our days, even if we couldn’t see it. Sheila Walsh, gifted speaker says it this way: “Some of God’s greatest gifts to us are wrapped in boxes that cause our hands to bleed when we open them.”  There is no doubt our hands have bled with some of the gifts that have been received from God, but it’s worth it.

None of us know the path God will call us to walk.  We often forget, we don’t need to know the whole story to read the first page.  We don’t need to know the entire journey to take the first step. We just have to depend on God to get us there.  We wouldn’t get out of bed if we knew the whole story, it would be too overwhelming. But if we take it day by day, we can get through anything.  Pat and I have learned, life is best lived day by day, trusting God to guide us through it, His hand holding us up.

I’m thankful for God’s hand.  What are you thankful for?

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