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“The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.  Therefore my heart celebrates, and I give thanks to Him with my song.”

I am thankful for the song that our founder Heather’s life sings for God.  Heather, as many of you know, has dedicated the last part of 2019 to head bowed, hands open.  Whatever prompting she gets from God, she’s following. In the time since she made that decision she has hosted a fundraiser, committed to leading the 6th grade girls group and spoken at a women’s retreat.  She meant what she said when she made a commitment to God to follow Him, no matter what He asked. She is passionate in her relationship with God, following Him to the best of her ability.

In the verse above, where it mentions, “my heart celebrating,”  I thought of it as the overflow of a passionate life lived for the Lord.  Our songs are the lives we lead, the choices we make. At our recent women’s retreat, Heather talked to us about fear.  She shared how she had overcome her own fears when she first started leading a group. From that one decision to take a step of faith, her life has never been the same.  Now, years later, she’s led several groups and started this one. God has used her willingness, her passion for Him, for His glory. At the end of her talk, Heather asked us to each write down the answer to a question.  What would you do for Jesus if you knew you wouldn’t fail? After we each had written our answer down, we passed our card around to someone else. We then spent time praying for whoever’s card we had, if we had any thoughts for them, we wrote those down as well.  We then read our card to the group, whoever’s card it was would then tell us a little about their dream. There is power in speaking your fears, there is power in praying for them, and for giving them to God. Heather challenged us to go after our dreams, pursue God will all of our hearts, not let our fears get in the way.

As you think back over your life, what song are you singing?  Are you living your best life now, or are you waiting for some unknown future time.  Heather’s willingness to live with her head bowed and her hands open, reminds us all, the time is now.  Don’t wait to do what God is prompting you to do, do it now. Trust in Him that He’ll show you the way. Follow Him passionately, let Him take you where He wants to take you.  Our days are numbered, only God knows how long we have. Don’t let fear keep you from achieving all God has for you.  

Today I’m thankful for Heather and her passion.  What are you thankful for?

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