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“I will thank the Lord with all my heart; I will declare all your wondrous works.” Psalm 9:1 CSB

After I finished writing yesterday’s devotional, I was thinking about what else I would be thankful for this month.  Immediately, all of the family birthdays we have this month made me thankful for people. November 1st was my cousin Karen’s birthday, she is the daughter of my Aunt Margie I wrote about a few weeks ago.  She carries her mother’s spirit in her. I love her so much, I can’t truly put it into words. She starts the month of November birthdays for my family. This thought made me think about how thankful I am for the people in my life, which then made it easy for me to fill up 28 days of thankful devotions.  I’m going to thank God for the people He has put in my life for the rest of the month.

My friend Melissa loves people better than most.  When you sit with her and have lunch, she gives you her full attention.  She isn’t checking her phone or looking at her watch. She does not commit to things she does not want to do.  She truly has an art for telling people no. She says no with such love and grace she doesn’t hurt people’s feelings.  She recently spoke at our women’s retreat on surrender. She challenged us all to share what our struggles were with each other so we could come alongside each other in prayer.  My favorite part of her talk was when she had us all write down something we needed to let go to God, then we all threw it into the fire when we were done. A truly exhilarating moment to see my biggest struggle go up in smoke as I gave it to God.  Melissa spoke to us from her chair, bathed in firelight. I can still see her beautiful face as she told us what God had laid on her heart.

Melissa and I share a secret.  Months ago, when I was struggling through a difficult time, Melissa and I had coffee.  I poured my heart out to her and she listened with ears of love. As I was leaving, we were hugging goodbye when she had an impression from God.  In fact, I was walking down the path to leave when she said, “I have no idea why, but the word “surrender” just came to me.” Whether she remembers  this conversation or not, I do not know. But I do. God has spoken to me through Melissa twice with the same message. Apparently I need to listen.  

I’m thankful for Melissa today.  Who are you thankful for today?

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