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“But whoever drinks from the water that I will give him will never get thirsty again.  In fact, the water I will give him will become a well of water springing up in him for eternal life.”  John 4:14 CSB

This verse comes from a beautiful story found in the book of John.  Jesus is on His way to Galilee when He stops by a well for a drink of water.  He meets a woman from Samaria that had come to draw water and asks her for a drink.  This happens around noon, which is significant, women don’t come in the middle of the day because of the heat. They would come in the morning or evening when it was cooler to draw water.  This woman, came in the middle of the day to avoid the other women because of her scandalous past. Jesus knew all about her past, and loves her anyway. In fact, scholars would argue He went out of His way to meet this woman at the well and offer her the living water He had.  Just as Jesus offered the living water to this Samaritan woman, He offers the same to us. As Jesus has offered Himself to us, we should share what we have been given with others.

Flowing water is necessary for us to sustain life here on earth.  Streams and rivers all over the world connect and flow together into larger bodies of water.  The faster water flows the better it is. Fast flowing water doesn’t allow impurities to build up in it and is easier to convert into drinking water.  In the same way streams and rivers connect and flow together, we do the same as Christ followers. When we all are following Jesus, living out our individual purpose,  whatever it may be, we become unified into one body. We are a spring of living water as we let the love Christ has for us overflow to others around us. We are sharing with them the living water of Christ that will never run dry. The more we pursue life in Christ, the faster our springs will flow, the less impurities we will have as He refines us, the more water we will have to offer to others.

Offering a drink to someone on a hot day could be the start of a new adventure for them, just as it was the woman in Samaria.  The love Jesus extended her helped her find purpose. Immediately she goes into the town, not avoiding people, but instead sharing the good news she had just learned.  As soon as Jesus offered her the living water, she went to offer it to others. We can learn a lesson from her today, let’s share the living water Jesus has given us with those around us.  Let’s give someone a drink on this hot day. Trust that whatever your past is, Jesus has forgiven you. Trust that sharing His love with others is more important than anything else we do. Trust that after just one drink from the living waters, their lives will be transformed forever.

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