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“The disloyal one will get what his conduct deserves, and a good one, what his deeds deserve.” Prov. 14:14 CSB

I personally think the best way to celebrate a friend is with a cup of coffee.  To me, there is nothing better than sitting across the table from a friend and chatting.  I had the privilege of having a cup of coffee with our prayer warrior, Joyce. (I actually had iced tea, but same thing.)  Two hours flew by without any effort. Our shared love of God gives us a common bond that opens up the door for rich conversation. I really don’t know how to put into words the connection that happens when God creates the bridge between two hearts.  Joyce’s obedience in her walk with God is awe inspiring. As I sat and listened to her share her life with me, how God has brought her through the trials in her life, I couldn’t help but be inspired. The need for community is a built in desire we all have.  None of us were meant to live alone, we were meant to live together, spurring each other on during the storms of life.

I shared a story with Joyce that has spurred me on for over 30 years.  I was attending a small Methodist church with my Mom years ago. A woman in the congregation named Judy has inspired me for years, yet she has no idea.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but I don’t even know her last name. I was young, and even more self-centered than I am now. Judy’s 19 year old son died in a car accident, I vividly remember it was a Wednesday.  My heart ached for her, and I assumed that would be the last we would see of Judy. I made that assumption because when my Dad died, I turned my back on God. I thought that was what everyone did when things didn’t go their way.  But Judy revealed a truth to me, without even knowing it. That Sunday, when we went to church, Judy was there. As I write this, I can see her sitting in the hard wooden pew, her back straight, her beautiful hair flowing down her back.  Her head was bowed and she wasn’t much for conversation, but she was there. Judy remained a faithful servant to the Lord, even after the tragic loss she had endured.

I was disloyal when I turned my back on God, as a result, I suffered greatly in my personal life.  I had no one to blame but myself. Judy remained faithful, and in her faithfulness she taught a young woman a new way to live.  And this lesson was taught without saying a word. We need friends in life, we need to celebrate those friendships. When God draws two people together, both connected by their faith in Him, the friendship that is born is indescribable in its beauty.  Just as Joyce and I sat and shared our hearts with each other, celebrate a special friendship you have today. Take them out for coffee, buy them lunch, whatever your heart leads you to do. Then sit and enjoy each other’s company, sharing your hearts, knowing the strand that binds you together is God.

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