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“Above all, put on love which is the perfect bond of unity.” Colossians 3:14 CSB

Kokayi Nosakhere decided he wanted to do something that would spread kindness to his community.  He wanted to do something that was “practical that would have impact, so what came to mind was a letter…a handwritten letter because we’re so digital and so social media oriented.”’  For the past few years in Ashland, OR, he has been doing just that. He is close to reaching his goal of 5000 letters of encouragement. Letters found on cars, bus stops, bathroom stalls, and libraries have brought unexpected joy to people in his community.  His goal is to help people think more positively in life, he is spreading love to a world that badly needs it. Each letter takes him approximately 15 minutes to write. By the time he has finished writing his 5000th letter, he will have spent 1,250 hours writing letters to strangers, just to brighten their day. You can find the entire article on this amazing man here.

But what would you say in a note of encouragement to a stranger?  First, start with why you’re writing the letter. Something as simple as, “I wanted you to know God loves you,” or “I wanted you to know you matter, the world is a better place because you are in it.”  Share from your heart. You could say, “I hope you’re having a good day,” or “I’m praying for you today.” Offer encouraging words such as, “If you’re having a bad day, don’t give up, it will pass,” or “There is always hope, no matter what you are facing.”  Include your favorite Scripture, or a line from your favorite worship song. The letter doesn’t have to be long, doesn’t have to be full of flowery words. As long as you fill your note with love, whoever receives it will be blessed. Knowing a stranger took time out of their busy schedule to write a note for them can lift a strangers spirits who may desperately need encouragement.  Writing a note will definitely bless you.

Years ago, a friend and I left encouraging notes tucked away in hidden places for people to find.  The part I loved the most was daydreaming about who would find them. I wondered if they were male or female, what kind of day they were having, when and if it would be found.  Each time a thought would cross my mind, I’d smile, knowing that whoever found the note was who God meant to have it. I knew His timing would be perfect in leading them to the note.  I trusted His promise in Romans 8:28, all things work to the good for those who believe and trust in Him. Try it just once, write a note and tuck it under a wiper on a windshield, leave it on a bench or stick it in a bathroom stall, wherever the Lord leads you to place it. You can leave the envelope blank, you can address it to a “Friend,” or you can say, “If you’re having a bad day, open me.”  Whatever you decide, have fun. You’re spreading love in the world, you’re creating unity, you’re bringing a little bit of heaven to earth for someone who needs it. 

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