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“The blessings of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He added no sorrow to it.”  Proverbs 10:22 KJV

The key to understanding this verse is understanding what rich is.  What blessings of God makes us rich? Our riches are those stored in our heart, the unexpected moments that occur in life that take our breath away, those are our riches.  Riches can’t be bought, they can’t be manufactured, they can only be given by God, with them there is no sorrow.

Wisdom is one of God’s riches, that comes with no sorrow.  You never know where you’re going to find tidbits of wisdom.  I found wisdom watching a Netflix original show; the main character is separated from her partner.  In the scene she’s with a group of friends, sharing her anxiety that her partner is going to do something rash and stupid.  One of the friends looks at her and simply says, “Does her partner have a history of doing rash and stupid things?” The heroine didn’t answer as she stopped and thought about this for a moment.  She realized quickly, her partner didn’t have a history of doing rash and stupid things, she did. God revealed two bits of wisdom from this random television scene to me. First, when I become anxious that my husband is going to make a bad decision,  I need to ask myself this question: Is it his style to do rash and stupid? I immediately know it isn’t, I can then allow myself to trust him more as I focus on the truth. Secondly, I realized how easily we project our own issues onto others. As in the case above, she was projecting her own actions onto her partner.  I do the same thing to Ron, there are times I’m afraid he’s going to mishandle a situation because of his emotions, but that’s not Ron. He doesn’t let his emotions rule his decisions, I do. I have to remind myself not to project my issues onto him. Wisdom is one of the blessings of God’s riches, with it comes now sorrow.

Not only does God’s blessings make us rich, with no sorrow added to it, they bring us peace.  There is a situation Ron and I are working through which has brought me angst. I’ve been asking for God’s peace in the situation.  God used this television scene to bring me peace. By helping me remember how level headed and thorough my husband is in his decision making, I find peace.  By reminding me not to project my issues onto Ron, it brings me peace. God also revealed a blind spot to me in my life with this scene. He unveiled to me in a loving way the importance of not letting our emotions control us.  Once I realized I was projecting onto Ron my own emotional response, I can actually deal with the truth: I respond emotionally. I’m learning to identify my emotional responses to situations, and not let my emotions rule me. God’s blessings, maketh one rich, and no sorrow is added to it.  Riches aren’t money, riches are far greater than money.

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